Very seldom that I feel demotivated. More often than not, when I feel that the organization and I differ in our objective, I leave the organization. The times when I am demotivated is not spent dilly-dallying on my work, but it is most often spent looking for another job, another organization. This could be the reason why at my age, I am already on my nth organization. Well, that is my ultimate demotivator inconsistency of the objective or the organization. Other factors that demotivates me are:

Lack of support. There are activities and objectives that needs full support – financially and otherwise - in order to be achieved. Employees do not only need financial support to finish work the competent way (and not just good enough). What employees need are proper training and guidance related to the job. The absence or lack of it will mean lack of support and would demotivate people.

The Challenge. My previous jobs are all challenging – especially at the start. Although I am glad I have not landed into doing clerical, repetitious jobs, I still find room for boredom. A few years back. My longest employment is barely two years where I was assigned for the review and establishment of company policies and procedures. The next job was a year and a half, where I prepared feasibility studies and manage the loans department of a bank. On both jobs, there was a point in my career that I felt very low and felt that I need a new challenging job. Now, I am more than a year on my present job.

Career improvement (the craving for more knowledge). The reason why I am taking up this study of discipline is that I have already felt that I have given everything that I know in the organization. And that is not enough. There are more things that I do not know and I can apply to my work and organization. I felt demotivated when I realize that the organization does not support the personnel development activities.

Recognition. I am most often demotivated by the fact that everything that I do does not reach the people who should know or does not realize it (yet). Demotivation, though on this aspect does not affect me so much. I have learned to let go. One thing pretty hard to accept though, is that others are hungry and taking the credits.

by the promdi pinoy .... 1998